“Pieces of You”

“Wake up, Cassie Clay…it’s a brand new day!” I could hear Jennie saying in a singsong voice. I buried my face deeper into my pillow and grunted my annoyance. “Don’t make me pour water on ya!” she threatened. With a sigh, I rolled out of bed. “I’m up, dangit. What more do ya want?!” I quickly dressed and was brushing my hair when I looked into the mirror and remembered…Jennie was gone. She has been for two years now. But I still hear her in my head. Still feel her in this house. Almost like she never left. I gazed at the last pictures we took together and I traced my finger down her face…my face. “I’ll find you…I swear.” I whispered. I made my way to the kitchen and poured myself some OJ then dived into the stack of papers at the table. It was my morning routine. First I scoured the newspapers and mail then I’d check the Missing Persons website…hoping for some news. Any news. A sighting. A clue. Just something. But it’s always the same shit, just a different day. Where are you, Jennie?


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