RTN 11


“Give Me A Sign”

When I got home, I told my mom and Eddie about everything I’d learned over the the last two days. As soon as I mentioned Jennie’s name though, their eyes glazed over and their faces went blank. Finally when I was done talking…there was nothing but an awkward silence. “Uh…hellooo? Did you hear what I said? Jennie came back home. She went missing from HERE. It’s not much, but it’s something, right?” My mom no longer looked bored, instead she was pissed. She sternly said, “Cassie, why can’t you just let this go? Jennie is gone. And she’s never coming back. You need to move on with your life.” I was growing impatient with her telling me the same things over and over. I’d never be able to let go…not until I knew for sure. I said, “Just think though! Weren’t you and Eddie here all day on the day she went missing? Someone had to have seen her.” Eddie shrugged and excused himself to the kitchen. Mom narrowed her eyes at me and said, “So you think we had something to do with it now? Really Cassie? And what were you doing that day? Maybe you weren’t even really asleep. Now stop with the questions!” With a huff, she got up and left the room. I sat there lost in my thoughts for a little while longer. I felt like I was on to something but I just didn’t know what. I shifted to get more comfortable and my cellphone fell down in between the couch cushions. I stuck my hand in after it and my hand brushed up against something hard and sticky. I flipped the couch cushion over and found a red stain. Then I flipped the other two cushions over. Same nasty stain. Someone must’ve spilled juice or something and instead of cleaning it up, they just flipped the damn cushions over. “That’s disgusting.” I thought to myself. But what if…what if that was blood. At that moment, a cold chill washed over me and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and looked out the window behind me and saw…nothing. Just miles and miles of desert.


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