RTN 13


“Drop Dead Ed”

Today while Lizzie was at school and Mom was out grocery shopping, I decided to watch a horror movie on tv. Near the end of it, Eddie came and sat down in the living room with me. He didn’t say a word…just stared at me. I didn’t notice it first but then I realized, he was staring at me. And the look on his face sent chills down my spine. “What’s your problem Eddie?” I asked. He stood up and towered over me. “You.” He said with his voice practically dripping in malice. “Why couldn’t you just let things be? You had to go digging around and sticking your nose in places they don’t belong. Don’t worry, you’re gonna go be with Jennie now.” I looked at him warily and said, “What do you mean?” He gave me an evil smile. “I’m going to bury you in the same grave!” He said while leaping towards me on the couch. I jumped up and tried to run out of the room but he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to him. I tried to fight him off until I realized he’d pulled a knife from his pocket. “This can’t be happening.” I thought to myself. Then I decided no. I wasn’t going to let it happen. I slammed my elbow into his gut and headbutted him in the nose then jerked away from him. I heard him gasp for breath behind me. I turned to see that the knife was lodged deep into his chest. He slowly pulled it out and it clattered to the floor and under the couch. Then he staggered towards me and I backed up to the wall behind me. “This is it.” I thought to myself. But at that moment, right before he reached me, he fell over and all was silent. I was horrified at the scene before me. There was so much blood…


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