RTN 14


“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”

I stood there in shock for what felt like forever, then finally I pulled out my cellphone. I intended to call the police but ended up dialing another number instead. Sid showed up within five minutes and was horrified when he saw Eddie’s body. He turned and looked at me, “Cassie…what did you do?” My voice trembled when I spoke, “It was…it was an accident. He killed Jennie! And he tried to kill me! I was only trying to get away from him! I swear Sid! What do I do now?” He pulled out his phone and started typing into it…”Okay, we’re gonna need some stuff to clean this mess up. But first help me wrap this rug around him and carry him outside.” I didn’t think. I just did whatever Sid told me to. “It’s going to be okay.” He kept telling me while giving me reassuring smiles. But would it ever really be okay again? Jennie was dead. And now I really was a murderer. No. It was an accident. I blocked it from my mind and within twenty minutes the living room was spotless. Then we heard a car pull up…my mom was back from the grocery store and Lizzie would be home any second now. Sid looked over at me and said, “What if they ask about the rug?” I shrugged and said, “I’ll tell them I spilled something on it and it was ruined.” He nodded. “That’ll do.” We climbed out the window and into the backyard. I was the lookout while Sid dug a hole for the body. We had just gotten the hole covered up when my mom called out, “Time for dinner!” Sid kissed me on the cheek then told me to go act like everything was normal and that he’d call me later. I took a deep breath, faked a smile, and went inside…


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