RTN 15


“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

I tried to act as normal as possible during dinner. On the bright side, my mom did buy my story about the rug. Phew. But she could tell something was up. She kept asking if I knew where Eddie was. I told her that he’d left right after she did and that I didn’t think to ask where he was going. She gave me a skeptical look and continued eating her dinner. Then she asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me?” I felt nervous all of the sudden. “Like what?” I replied. “About you and Eddie. You’re always flirting with him. And I want it to STOP. Jennie was the same exact way. Well you can’t have him. I won’t let you.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She had lost her damn mind. “You’re insane! Eddie is gross! And you’re a liar…Jennie would never!” I screamed at her from across the table. Then I jumped up and stormed off to my room. Before I went to bed, she came in and apologized for her behavior. Said she didn’t know what made her say all that stuff. But then came the kicker. She told me that she loved me but I was too old to be living at home. And that I needed to find my own place within the next two weeks. Then she kissed me on the forehead and left. Gee thanks for making my day worse than it already was, Mom.


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