RTN 16


“Running Scared”

A few days after my mom told me I had to move out, there was a knock at the door. Lo and behold…it was the detective from Jennie’s case. “Ugh.” I thought to myself. “What does he want now?” I opened the door and came out on the porch. I put on a fake smile and pleasantly asked, “Is there something I can help you with Detective?” Tanner raised his eyebrows at me and sarcastically said, “Yeah, you could tell me anything you know about the disappearance of Eddie Delaney.” Oh great…Mom must’ve filed a missing persons report. More than she ever did for Jennie. Tanner continued, “Pretty strange how the people close to you keep disappearing. Care to explain that?” I sighed and said, “I guess you don’t believe in coincidences then? I’m sorry. But I don’t know anything.” He wagged his finger in my face and said,”We’ll see. Your mother has given me permission to search the premises. If you don’t mind…how about stay close by? I swear if you had anything to do with either one of these cases, Cassie Clay, I will figure it out! Mark my words!” Then he pushed past me to get into the house. “Crap!” I said out loud before covering my mouth. I went in behind him and snuck down the hallway to my room. I quickly changed my clothes and grabbed the $86 I had saved up, then out the window I went. I really hoped Sid and I got rid of anything that tied us to Eddie’s death…but I wasn’t sticking around to find out.


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