RTN 17


“New Beginnings”

I didn’t really have a lot of choices in places to go. I couldn’t drag my friends into my mess…it wouldn’t be fair. And Sid had already done so much for me…I couldn’t burden him anymore. So I went to the homeless camp that Sid had brought me to not long ago. At least there, I’d be able to rest before I figured out what I wanted to do. I was debating turning myself in. But what would happen to me? Would I go to jail? It was an accident! I sat by the fire next to the guys I’d met when I was asking around about Jared. I nodded my head at them but I was still lost in my thoughts. Besides turning myself in, I could just disappear. Run away to a new town and change my name. It sounded appealing. And the only reason I’d stuck around Tuckerwood so long to begin with, was to find out what happened to Jennie. And now I knew. I guess in a sense, I was free. But $86 wasn’t going to get me very far. I snapped out of my thoughts when someone offered me food. I learned their names and joined in on their conversations. Only four people were staying at the camp for now…Jason, Reese, Skye, and Aj. But Aj hadn’t been seen in a few days. Anyways they seemed nice. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad here. Not for a few days anyway. With my belly full and my body warm from the fire, I fell fast asleep…and dreamed of the city.


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