RTN 19


“Bad Timing”

We were just getting ready to leave when Amy, Rena, and Sid showed up. They said they wanted to see how I was settling into my new home. Talk about bad timing. Sid kissed me on the cheek and told me that he’d missed me. Then Skye quickly brought everyone up to speed on what had happened to Jason, Aj, and Reese. I figured that’d be enough to make everyone want to run away screaming but no…they wanted to TALK about it. While everyone sat around discussing what we should do about the bodies and whether or not we should get the police involved, it quickly grew dark. To my dismay. “Guys, we’ve got to go…now.” I pleaded with them. But no one was listening…at least not until we heard a shriek from a few feet away. It was the cloaked figure and he had his hands around Rena’s throat. We all cried out in fear, then there was loud snap as he broke her neck and she fell to the ground. Sid tried to tackle the figure but he quickly ran back into the woods. “Omg…noooo” Amy cried. They all huddled around her body. “Now are you listening?” I yelled at them. “We have to go!” I grabbed Sid by the arm and tried to pull him towards the road. He pried my fingers off and said, “Cassie, we have to wait on everyone else! And how can you be so calm about this? Your friend is dead…and you want to just leave?” I was shocked by his harsh words. “Yes Sid…I want to leave! Because I want to live dammit!” I yelled. The more time we wasted, the chances of our survival got lower. And I had a very bad feeling we were all going to be picked off one by one…


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