“No Alibi”

Thinking back to those first few weeks after Jennie went missing…those were the worst days of my life. Not just because she gone, but because I unknowingly had a target on my forehead. This was before Jennie was classified as a runaway. At first, they thought there was foul play. The detective assigned to the case, Tanner, had me at the police station almost every day for a month. And by the end of every interrogation, I had a migraine strong enough to kill a horse. It was a sick sort of cat and mouse game. He’d ask the same questions over and over, just in different ways. Almost like he was hoping I’d trip up and try to change my story. Which I didn’t. At the time I thought he was just doing his job but now I know better. He was just a prick. I still remember all those conversations…as if it were yesterday…

“Cassandra. You need to tell me the truth. What really happened? Was it an accident? Sibling rivalry gone wrong? Where is Jennifer?”
“Look you’re barking up the wrong tree, Mister. Jennie’s not only my sister but my best friend too. Why would I hurt her? If I knew where she was I’d tell ya, I swear it.”
“It’s Detective. And if you were as close to her as you say you are…then why did she run away without telling you where she was going? And you say the last time you saw her, she was going to a friend’s house…yet you can’t tell me who the friend was. And you’re the only one close to Jennifer that doesn’t have an alibi. It was the middle of the day and you were at home…taking a nap? Something just doesn’t add up. And I will find out what it is.”
“But it’s all the truth! Why won’t you believe me?”


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