RTN 21


“Another One Bites the Dust”

Sid’s death shook me to my core. He was gone in a blink of an eye. There were only three of us left now…Skye, Amy, and me. And to make matters worse, the killer was playing a cat and mouse game with us. Striking us when we least expected it and then hiding again before we could catch him. It was enough to drive a person mad. While trying to push down my grief, I noticed Skye out of the corner of my eye…she was crying. I’m not sure what came over me…there was so much happening. And I was just so angry. I walked up behind her and whispered “Witch!” in her ear. Then I shoved her, hard, before she could turn around to face me. She stumbled over and hit her head on the edge of the picnic table. Then she landed on the ground with a grunt and a loud thud. I stood there and stared. Why didn’t I feel any remorse? Amy must’ve heard the scuffle because a few minutes later she ran over and saw Skye with a pool of blood around her head. “Not Skye too!” She said with a wail. She leaned down to take her pulse. “Nothing. How did this happen Cassie?” She asked me accusingly. “I uh…I think she tripped over something and hit her head.” I lied. “That is bullshit. This whole night is nothing but bullshit. If I live through this, I’m leaving this crap town and never returning!” She swore. “We could go together.” I said excitedly. “Just you and me. How about the city?” I suggested. She gave me a skeptical look and asked, “Do you really think we’re gonna make it…against all odds and the psycho in the woods?” I was going to say yes but I was interrupted by a twig snapping behind us…


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