RTN 22


“Stay Dead Ed”

“Did you hear that too, Cassie?” Amy whispered quietly while looking towards the woods behind us. I nodded my head and put my finger to my lips. He was close…very close. I motioned for her to come closer to me but she’d only taken a few steps when he jumped out of the bushes and yelled “It’s your turn now!” She let out a shrill scream and then he grabbed Amy by the hair, and tried to drag her back into the bushes he’d came out of. “Come back here and face me!” I called out to him. He let her go and turned around. “Take off your cloak. Only cowards hide underneath cloaks.” I said bravely. He slowly reached up and removed it from his face. It was Eddie! He gave me a bone chilling smile. “It’s you!? How can it be you? You’re dead! We buried you!” I started rambling. “Silly girl. You should’ve made damn sure I was truly dead before you tried to get rid of me. You buried me alive. That’s what you did. And now I’m going to return the favor. But first I’m going to finish killing off all your friends. Then I think I’m going to head home and kill your mother and your little sister too. Then you’ll have no one left to come save you. You’ll be alone in a hole in the ground. Sounds about right.” He chuckled then he lunged towards me. “No! Not this time. You should’ve stayed dead Ed!” I cried while snatching a flashlight from the table behind me. I turned it on and blinded him, catching him off guard. Then I smacked him in the head with it repeatedly until he went down and didn’t get back up. A few minutes later, Amy came and took it from my hand and threw it into the woods. “What to we do now?” She asked in a quivering voice. I shrugged. “Dunno. But at least it’s finally over.”


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