RTN 23


“Girl, Interrupted”

After one of the longest and saddest nights I’ve ever endured…the sun finally came up. Bright and round, it lit the sky on fire. I stared into it so long that my eyes began to ache and I had to look away. I was sitting alone on a cooler, feeling sorry for myself when Amy found me. We buried all the bodies before the sun rose, then we found clean clothes and changed. Then we swore we’d never speak of it again. Like nothing happened. Now she was ready to leave everything behind and start our new lives. But me, on the other hand…I felt like I was going to have a mental breakdown. “Are you ready? Let’s go. You can call your mom and Lizzie when we get somewhere safe.” She said. I looked down at my feet. “I’m a murderer Amy. I don’t deserve a new life. I need to be punished. We should call the cops. And tell them everything. I’m a horrible person.” I said woefully. “No Cassie. You’re not. And you can’t think of it like that. You did what had to be done. And you got justice for Jennie. She would want you to go out there and be happy. You’re not only living for you…you’re living for her too.” She said in a soothing tone. She put her hand out and pulled me to my feet, then led me to the overlook. “Happiness is within your grasp…you just have to reach for it.” She said while motioning around us. I sighed. Maybe she had a point. But it wouldn’t be easy. “We’re gonna get lost. And we don’t have a car.” I said stubbornly. “We’ll be fine. This was what you wanted remember? A second chance. Now take it.” She said with a confident smile while walking away. She looked over her shoulder when she got to the bridge that led out towards the desert and called out “Come on!”


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