RTN 24


“Stand By Me”

We ended up in a small town named Magnolia Promenade. There wasn’t much to it but at least it wasn’t the desert. We bought a map in one of the stores and learned that there was a dock on the outskirts of town. We snuck aboard and hid below deck for what seemed like a whole day. We had no idea where the boat was going but we agreed the further away from Tuckerwood, the better. So we waited patiently, sleeping in shifts, and eventually the boat stopped. Amy left to make sure the coast was clear, then we snuck back off the boat. We were now on another dock but the scenery was much different. It was a beautiful place called Windenburg. “Wow. Maybe we should just stay here.” I told Amy with a grin. She nodded and said.”We could. If that’s what you wanted.” We sat down on a bench together and counted up all the money we had between us. Nearly $300. Not good but it could’ve been worse. “We probably could afford a crappy apartment somewhere. For a month at least. First thing we need to do is find jobs.” Amy said with a sigh. “We can do it. We’re in this together.” I told her confidently. A small smile formed on her lips and she said, “Yeah. True. If this is where you really want to stay, then we’ll do it. It’s not the city, but it sure is nice around here.” We found a small clearing near the woods and that night we slept under the stars…dreaming of the future to come.


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