RTN 29


“The Visit”

Not long after we were settled into our new lives…I caved and called my mom. I had to let her know that I was okay. Even if she wasn’t really worried, I knew that Lizzie was. Mom didn’t seem to know about any of the events that took place a few months ago and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her. So instead, I invited her and Lizzie to come spend the weekend with us. They showed up early Saturday morning and we spent the day showing them around the city and making them try all the different food. There was even a festival going on. It was a great. As I was tucking Lizzie in that night, she snuggled up next to me and told me how much she’d missed me. “I missed you too pumpkin.” I said while giving her a tight squeeze. “The city is awesome! Do you think I can I come live with you and Amy one day?” She asked excitedly. “Well sure. We’d love to have you here! But we’ll talk about it some more when you get older, okay?” She nodded her head and let out a big yawn. After she was fast asleep, I crawled into the bed with Amy and laid my head on her shoulder. She cleared her throat and said, “Lizzie is a lot of fun. I’m glad she got to come spend the day with us.” I looked up at her and smiled. “Me too. I really missed her.” Amy nodded and nervously asked, “So Cass…do you think you might want to have kids one day? With me…I mean.” I sat up straight causing her to startle. “Of course!” I shouted maybe a little to eagerly. “But maybe we should get married first.” I said coyly. “Maybe we should.” Amy replied with a wink.


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