“The Vultures”

Jennie’s disappearance was the most interesting thing to ever happen in Tuckerwood, AZ. With a population of less than 200, it was normally so quiet you could hear the tumbleweeds passing through. But soon after I put up fliers offering a $5000 reward for any information about Jennie, the media started pouring in. They were just as bad as Detective Tanner. It didn’t take long for me to lose my cool and I actually kicked a lady’s camera into her face as she was pestering me with questions about my whereabouts the day Jennie went missing. Luckily, she didn’t press charges against me. Instead, as a revenge tactic, there were several supermarket tabloids published about me.”Missing Or Murdered?” And “Why I Killed Jennifer.” People would walk up and down the street hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl who killed her twin sister. Not only that but our trashcans were knocked over. The yard was littered in toilet paper. “Murderer” was spray painted on our house. My stepdad said it was harmless pranks and not to think anything of it. And I tried to…until I found one really persistent reporter snooping around our yard. I pleaded with him to leave me and my family alone because we’d already been through enough. But he wouldn’t budge. He told me that he knew there was a story here and that he wouldn’t be leaving town until he got it. It all pissed me off to no end. Jenny was out there somewhere and nobody was doing a damn thing about it!


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