“Mom Is Off Her Rocker”

I guess we’re a pretty normal family. But I haven’t been around a lot of other families to be able to compare. My step dad Eddie is okay…he married Mom and moved in with us about three years ago. And I’ve grown a lot closer to my little sister Lizzie since Jennie has been gone. We don’t really have a lot in common because there’s a nine year age gap between us. But Mom…well she drives me insane. Mom is constantly telling me to just let go of all these silly little ideas of ever seeing Jennie again. And each time she says that, I have to keep myself from slapping her. Obviously we don’t get along very well. Yeah, she’s always made sure we’ve had food and clothes and a roof over our head. Maybe that’s all we’re ever really entitled to as children. To be taken care of. She was never a loving mother. Like the kind you see on tv. And well…she’s just plum crazy. Jennie would never abandon us. Jennie and I practically raised Lizzie when Mom started dating Eddie. It’s like she forgot all about us once a man started paying attention to her. Then they got married and Lizzie became our responsibility while Mom stayed stuck up Eddie’s butt.

Tonight after dinner, I was tucking Lizzie into bed when she said she had a question to ask me and she made me promise not to get mad. I swore. Then she asked me, “Did Jennie leave us because she doesn’t love us anymore?” It almost broke my heart. She must’ve heard Mom going off on another one of her rants. “No baby girl.” I replied. “She’s out there somewhere…trying to find her way back to us.” I hoped I was right.


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