“Friends Like These”

I never would’ve made it through the past two years without the help of my friends Amy and Rena. Amy has been my best friend since third grade but Rena was Jennie’s friend first…I inherited her after Jennie disappeared. They both have stood by my side despite the articles that were in the paper about me or the rumors circulating through town. Most of the time I feel like everyone is against me…thinking I had something to do with Jennie being gone. But not Amy and Rena. They believe me. They know I’d never hurt Jennie. We used to go places and hang out a lot but I’ve become sort of a hermit these days. They still make time to come visit me a few times a week so we can gossip and catch up. And they always provide a listening ear when I go on endless rants about my mother. Neither one of them like her…they think she tries to act our age. Well I can’t say that I disagree. Mom’s motto is “Y.O.Y.O. You’re only young once.” *Insert eyeroll* Anyways, then there’s Sidney, my amazing boyfriend. We’ve been together since we were 16 years old and we’re very much in love. I could see myself marrying him one day. House with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids type of deal. I reckon my life is pretty good when I think about it. I have a home, a family…dysfunctional yes…but still a family, Sid, and great friends. It’s more than some people have. There’s just one thing missing…


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