“Born To Be Wild”

After we turned 15, Jennie began sneaking out of the house almost every night. Though I don’t think Mom and Eddie would’ve cared if she went out anyways. We didn’t have a bedtime or a curfew. As long as we did our chores and made sure Lizzie was well taken care of, we could do anything we wanted. So I think Jennie snuck around purely for the thrill of it. I never thought to ask her where she went or who she was meeting. I always just assumed she was going to some party with some boy. Just like the last time I saw her. She told me she was going to cookout with a friend and she sounded really excited about going. She invited me to tag along but I knew there would be drugs there…so I promised her I’d go to the next one with her. She smiled and continued getting dressed. I also knew she was seeing someone but I didn’t ask her about him. Jennie liked to keep things private unfortunately. I even saw the guy briefly through the window when he came to pick her up…I just wished that I’d asked what his name was. I made her promise to be careful before she left. She gave me a wink and a quick thumbs up before disappearing out the window. I heard her climb back through her window from my room around 5am, so I know for a fact she did come home. She slept all day while I got up and ran errands in town. Then I took a nap that afternoon…but I knew she was still home then, I could hear her singing in the shower. When I woke up, the house was empty…no one was home. She was gone. Just. Like. That.


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