LAS 46


LAS 13

Studying for exams was kicking my butt. I was in need of some beach therapy. I watched the waves roll in until I felt sleepy. I had to close my eyes…just for a minute. I dozed off for a while…then a shadow fell over me, blocking out the sun. I opened my eyes and found a man standing over me…watching me. I jumped up from the lounge chair with a little squeal and he immediately backed away with his hands up. “I apologize for frightening you but I thought you were someone else. You look just like her.” He explained. I nodded my head. “It’s okay.” I turned to walk back to the dorms but he reached out and gently tugged my arm back towards him. “Her name is Odessa. You know her, don’t you? He asked. He seemed so familiar. I stared at him for a moment before answering, “Y-yeah…she’s my mother.” He smiled and seemed satisfied with my answer. “I thought so. Tell her to meet me here in a fortnight.” He waved his arms around indicating the beach. “This same time of day. You may come along too if you’d like.” He suggested. Then he waded out into the water. “Wait!” I called out. “What’s your name?” I asked before he dove into the waves. “Finneas.”


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