JW 14


The morning after Chad proposed to Blake, he came over early the next morning before school determined to talk to our Dad. We sat outside watching tv while we waited for Dad to finish one of his projects. Finally he walked over to us and Chad hopped up to shake his hand. “Good morning, Mr. Fontaine. I was hoping to talk to you about something important, if you don’t mind.” He said with a charming smile. “It’s Dr. Fontaine. And I do mind. I’m very busy right now and whatever it is can wait.” Dad replied irritably. “Well can I at least give Blake and Jane a ride to school today?” Chad asked politely. “You’ve had your driver’s license for what…a week now? I don’t think so. My girls can walk there just like they do every morning.” Dad was not budging. “Yes, sir.” Chad said with a sigh of defeat. “Fine, we’ll walk. But why do you always try to embarrass me?” Blake shouted at Dad. “Come on, Jane.” She called out heading towards the sidewalk. I jogged to catch up with her. We could hear Chad offering a ride to Heather and Nolan as we left. If only we’d known then what we know now. That was the last time we saw Chad and Heather…


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