LAS 48


It felt strange coming back home as a guest. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. Mom opened the door and smiled ear from ear. “Welcome home sweetheart!” She squealed loudly before pulling me into a tight hug. After two minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Mom…can’t breathe.” She immediately released me from her grip. “Sorry! I’ve just missed you so much! Are you hungry? Can I make you a snack?” She prattled on. “Um, sure.” I said with a giggle. While she was making sandwiches, I looked around the house. Nothing had changed. And it sure did feel good to be there. I joined Dad in the living room and we got all caught up. Silly to admit…but I even kinda missed his lame jokes. Mom sat down and told me that she’d cleaned my room and put clean sheets on my bed. At least they hadn’t converted my room into a home gym or anything…yet.


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