LAS 49


I’d told my parents about my nightmares but I didn’t tell them about the other thing that had been bothering me. My legs had been aching every night while I tried to sleep. Nothing soothed them except taking a lukewarm bath. Tonight was no different. I ran myself a bubble bath and rubbed my legs. I was surprised at how rough they felt. They were so dry and they felt almost…scaly. After my bath, I checked myself out in the mirror. Something wasn’t right…and I had to tell someone. I called Millie and begged her to come over. She was at a party and didn’t really want to leave but I was able to convince her. “Okay, Chels, I’m here…now what’s the big deal?” She said in annoyed tone as she plopped down into a chair. I stood in front of her and removed my robe. “Take a good look. Does anything stand out?” I asked. Her eyes grew round and she gasped. “Holy cow! What happened to your legs?” She gave me a pitiful look. “Does it hurt?” I put my robe back on and sat on my bed. “Yeah. A little bit. I haven’t told my parents…yet. I don’t want to worry them with the baby coming any day now.” Millie nodded. “I totally understand. But you should go to the clinic in the morning. I’ll go with you. Everything is going to be okay.” She said encouragingly. I hoped she was right.


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