LAS 50


Early the next morning, Millie drove me to the clinic. We were in the waiting room for over an hour before before I was finally seen by the doctor. “Hello, my name is Dr. Queen and I’ll be attending to you today.” She said pleasantly while skimming over the clipboard she held. She gazed down at my feet which were peeling. Then she had me pull up my pants legs so she could look them over as well. She raised a quizzical eyebrow when she saw “the scales.” Then she started writing down notes. “Hmm. Alright. Well, I can give you something to help you sleep at night but I’ll need to test some of this…dry skin.” She said. I nodded to let her know that she had my permission. She held a test tube up to my leg then scraped it with a gloved finger. “All done. It’ll take about two weeks for the results to come in and then I’ll know how to treat you further. Talk to the receptionist at the front desk on your way out and she’ll get you scheduled to come back in. Have a nice day.” She said with a polite smile. We stood up and I thanked her. On the way back to the parking lot, Millie piped up. “See…that wasn’t so bad. And don’t worry about your results either. I bet it’s something really simple…like an allergy.” I sighed. “You’re probably right. We’ll find out soon enough.”



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