LAS 52


I tossed and turned that night, trying to sleep. But eventually I was awoken by yet another nightmare…this time I remembered bits and pieces. The guy from the beach was there. Finneas. I had the oddest feeling about him. I felt like I knew him from somewhere. I closed my eyes again, thinking. He looked so familiar…then it clicked. I sat up in bed. How did I not see it before? He had the same fair skin. The same green eyes. The same pale blond hair. We were related. Somehow…

I went downstairs and found my mother in the kitchen. “Ice cream for breakfast?” I giggled. “The baby wants what the baby wants.” Mom said with a shrug. I plopped down onto the barstool next to her and glanced at her from the corner of my eye. She seemed like she was in a good mood…I would hate to ruin it. But I had to know. “Mom…is Finneas my real father?” The spoon dropped from her hand and hit the counter with a loud clank. She cleared her throat then looked at me. “I guess it’s time for you to know the truth. I can’t lie anymore…”


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