LAS 53

“Seriously, Mom…mermaids?” I asked while raising a skeptic eyebrow. “Let me get this straight: You were a mermaid that made a deal with a witch to become human so that you could be with Dad? And Finneas is your neurotic merman brother who wanted you to be his personal slave? And you still don’t know what the witch wanted as part of the deal or when she’s going to show up to ask for it. And…I’m a mermaid too?” She grunted and made a face. “Well, I’m not sure if you are. But when you put it like that it all sounds pretty crazy. Actually it’s insane. Except it’s all true.” I got up and went to the coffee maker. “I’m going to need more caffeine.” I said irritably. She came in behind me and pulled the milk and sugar out. Then she followed me to the dining table where she watched me drink in silence. “I know discussing all of this makes us sound certifiable…and as much as I dislike admitting it…I believe you, Mom. It’s the only explanation I have for what’s been happening to my body.” I looked up at her from my cup. Without skipping a beat, she demanded that I show her…


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