JW 22


As the taxi dropped me off in front of Future Sims Labs, I stood in front of the building and stared up in awe. It was kind of odd to be here…at the place both of my parents once worked. Figures that I’d be the one to follow in their footsteps. I’m starting out as a lab tech but I’m ambitious…I’ll climb my way to the top. Feeling a bit more confident after my inner pep talk, I made my way through the front doors. Once inside, I met a few of my co-workers…there were six of us in all. I’m sure I’ll meet the others eventually. A guy named Clayton gave me a full tour of the labs, and he told me where I was allowed to go and which areas were restricted. So far I think this job will be pretty promising. I even got to play around with some really expensive looking equipment. Not a bad first day…not at all.


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