JW 24


As Nolan and Alice grew closer, my mood grew worse. I was so jealous and I hated the way it made me feel. I wasn’t this type of person. But I was extremely protective over him. And he was my best friend. Of course, I wanted him to be happy. I loved him. Oh crap…I froze in place. Did I say that out loud? I looked over at the couple on the couch…they were still snuggling and obviously didn’t hear my mutterings. I put my head in my hand and sighed. I was an idiot. How long have I known about my true feelings for Nolan? Maybe since the first day I’d met him? Maybe I just thought there’d always be time later? Or maybe we were better off just as friends? So many maybes…but one absolute truth…I was in love with him and now I’d never be able to tell him.


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