JW 25


It was nearly a month after I’d had my epiphany about Nolan when I was woken up in the middle of the night by screaming. I sat up in bed and realized it was coming from Nolan’s room. Without even bothering to get dressed, I ran straight into his room and right into a fight. Alice was chewing Nolan out about something. “What in the world is going on?” I cried out bewildered. Alice locked her eyes on mine and yelled, “Do you normally just barge in here whenever you want?” What was she accusing me of? “I-uh…heard scream-” I started off but she quickly cut me off and snapped at Nolan. “I bet you’re sleeping with her too, right? And your guilty conscience is making you take it out on me. I thought you said she was like your sister, but I call bull. You both disgust me.” She wrinkled up her nose. “Now wait a minute!” I cried out. “You’re not going to come in our house and talk to us that way. You need to leave. Now!” I pointed towards the door. She grabbed her coat and left in a hurry. Nolan sat on his bed heavily and sobbed. Oh dear. “She’s delusional. What’s going on with the two of you?” I asked as I sat next to him. “She’s married. And she won’t file for divorce because he pays for everything.” He sobbed again. “Money means more to her than our relationship.”


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