LAS 59


During the first couple days, the tests were normal…I suppose. There were two doctors…Dr. Queen and Dr. Steele. And between the both of them, I think every inch of my body was analyzed. That was until Dr. Queen made me drink something from a glass beaker. A few hours later, my legs were gone and a tail was in their place. They placed me in a bathtub and then the tests started all over again. I stared down at my tail in amazement…it was beautiful. And deep down inside, I could almost feel the sea calling out to me. It made me anxious to get out of this lab. But things took a turn for the worst when Dr. Queen placed me inside of a large tank of water. She said nothing but her silence made me wonder if this was a permanent situation. A few more days went by and she had stopped answering my questions completely. I was being treated more like a thing than a human. It all gave me a bad feeling that I’d never see the ocean, or even return home…ever again.



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