WW 100

Fog surrounded us…we could no longer see land ahead but I continued driving the ship onward. The sea grew choppy and wild…I had a feeling that a storm was brewing. Then large black tentacles wrapped themselves around the ship and dragged it under. Everything was happening so fast but I saw the beast’s eyes…the orange glow of them were blurred against the water around us. We jumped as the ship went down but the pull from it sinking took us further and further below…our feet actually touched the ground. We both kicked at the ground and tried to go back up. It was surprisingly shallow here. So many questions flooded my mind. How far down were we…50 feet? 100 feet? Where was the beast now? It was so dark, I could barely make out Lauren next to me, struggling to to keep up. But I knew it didn’t matter if we were the strongest swimmers ever…we were never going to reach the surface. I shared a panicked look with Lauren…I think she knew what I knew. It was getting harder to concentrate…the pain in my chest was intensifying. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her closer to me…and we both grew calm.
As soon as I stopped fighting, the ringing in my head stopped and the fire in my lungs faded. I felt peaceful…almost like I was drifting off to sleep. I felt Elliott’s hand slip away from mine…and I knew that meant something was wrong but I was too tired to reach out for him. I was having a wonderful dream…I was watching Elliott and Lee from a window. They were chasing each other around in the yard, he was tickling her and she was laughing. We were home…


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