WW 101

The coast guard found Lauren’s boat in pieces about forty miles out from shore. They think she may have went down in the big storm we had a few days ago. I was angry at first. She could’ve told me what was going on with her and I would’ve tried to help her in any way I could. My anger eventually faded into an unshakable sadness. Three months later, we held a private memorial for her so we could say our goodbyes. The kids didn’t really understand but that was to be expected. Haylie and I decided to raise Lee as our own, she’d already lost both of her parents and we couldn’t just abandon her. Lauren didn’t have a will so we packed up all the stuff in her house, then listed it as for sale. We’d also sold our house a few weeks before…we thought moving back to the mainland was the best thing for everyone. Driving away from Lauren’s house, I glanced into my rearview mirror and something in the window caught my eye. I slammed on the brakes and looked again but nothing was there. I’m not sure what I thought I saw…but I had a feeling that nothing was as it seemed. It wasn’t over yet.


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