WW 12

After prom, being around Lauren felt different. I started wearing cologne to school and became very self conscious about my appearance. I think I wanted to impress her. Every smile she gave me or even a single glance from across the cafeteria made me feel like I was the only person in the room. I felt like it was something that we needed to discuss but I could never find the words to bring it up. And I guess I felt insecure and maybe that she wouldn’t feel the same way. We’d been friends for long and I didn’t know how to make her see me as something else. I invited her to the bowling alley along with some other friends so it wouldn’t be awkward. We laughed, we played games, we had a good time. Then when the lights went dim and all the couples headed towards the skating rink, I asked her to skate with me. She gave me that coy little smirk of hers and nodded her head. As we spun around holding hands, I gazed into her eyes and thought to myself “this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.” I leaned in, she smiled again…and 2 seconds later we were flat on our asses. Yeah, I was hoping the night would end with a bang but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…


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