WW 13

My birthday was right before Spring Break. I had a small party and only invited my older brother Chris and his girlfriend Haylie…and Elliott of course. We had cake and I opened presents. I got some clothes from my parents, Chris bought me a cd and Haylie gave me a friendship bracelet. But I absolutely loved the gift from Elliott. He gave me the most beautiful silver charm bracelet I’d ever seen. It didn’t feel like the type of gift you’d give a friend though…did it mean what I thought it did? Before I could ask him about it, my brother interrupted my thoughts with a crazy scheme he came up with. He suggested we have Haylie and Elliott spend the night and do the ole switcheroo sometime after our parents went to bed. I thought it was an awesome idea and our parents agreed to it without suspecting a thing. I took Haylie to my room and we bonded while talking about school and music. I must’ve fallen asleep sometime after the pillow fight but I woke up when I felt the bed move. It was Elliott. He snuggled up close to me and laid his hand on top mine…then he was asleep. I sighed and gently entwined my fingers with his. Yeah…we definitely needed to talk about us soon.


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