WW 15

When we first started dating, we both decided to keep things casual and see where it went from there. I already had such a long string of crappy relationships at that young of an age and the last thing I wanted to do was jump into another one headfirst…plus both of our feelings were on the line here. Transitioning from friends to lovers is hard for anyone…what happens if you break up? Do you just go back to being friends like nothing else happened? I really didn’t want to find out. So we carried on like normal…in a way. ..we went on group dates with my brother and his girlfriend to the local coffeeshop. Sometimes we hung out at the arcade where he tried to win prizes for me and I’d beat his ass on the games there…he was always so serious while making his move…and I was just plain competitive. And he took me to a comic book store one time too…he was like a kid in a candy shop lol. It was pretty amusing to me but I never once made fun of his hobbies. You can’t help the things you love…or the people for that matter…


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