WW 16

Lauren wanted to keep things casual at first. I didn’t necessarily agree but I would’ve said yes to just about anything just because I was so grateful that she gave us a chance. Gave ME a chance. So even though I wanted to serenade her with love songs and spoil her with gifts, I held off and tried to be the same ole’ guy friend that I’d always been to her. It was hard but I wanted to make her happy. The real struggle was trying to find things to do that didn’t seem like a date. Lucky for us, the fall fair was coming up in a few short weeks and there were already had some rides and booths to check out. We rode the carousel and entered an eating contest. Lauren won…like she always seemed to do. But that was also the same day that she started her “Wall of Memories.” She was always taking pictures of us and anytime she saw a photobooth…she dragged me in. Then she’d take all those pictures and hang them on her wall in her bedroom. She said she planned to fill her whole room up with photos of nothing but us. I laughed and told her that it all sounded awfully romantic and that maybe it was time for our first “real date.” She just shrugged and smiled. Well I took that as a yes…


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