WW 18

I grew more in love with Lauren each passing day. I had it all planned out…we would go to the same college, get married, buy a big house, and have two kids. I couldn’t imagine a future without her in it. I told her all this the first time I took her to my secret spot on the river which was right next to a waterfall. She just laughed and said I wasn’t like all the other guys she dated. As I took her out further along the river, she was silent. Then she smiled and told me that I was special and that she hoped I never changed. I splashed her in the face and told her she was stuck with me forever. Her reaction to my plans wasn’t really what I had hoped for but we were still young and I had plenty of time to make her see things my way. I suggested we go boating but she refused…I knew she had some type of deep water anxiety even though she wouldn’t admit it. She was fine as long as she could see her feet touching the ground. So some of my secret places I kept to myself…especially places where I knew “she” would have been lurking. After I started dating Lauren, I thought about that island and the things I saw less and less…but it still lingered in the back of my mind.


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