WW 20

Lauren and I had filled out college applications at the beginning of that year. But we didn’t find out that we were accepted into different colleges until that fall. I remember the day we got our big envelopes in the mail…we were both so excited. She came over to my house and we opened them at the same time. I found out that I’d been accepted into the local tech school just like I’d planned. But she’d gotten a fine arts scholarship and was accepted into LaFromage Art School. My heart fell. She was so happy and it showed on her face. I tried to pretend like I was happy for her but that school was so far away from home…I’d never see her if she went. And I couldn’t ask her not to go…it was her dream. She’d already told me before that she was willing to give up her dreams for me. But how was that fair to her? I wanted her to be happy but I wanted her to be with me. I was completely torn. But I decided I’d do what was right and I promised myself that I’d make the most of the time we had left. Who knew that our senior year would fly by so fast…


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