WW 21

Elliott started acting different after he found out about my scholarship. It changed everything…before I had no problem staying in our hometown and going to tech school. It would’ve been cheaper on my parents. But now that I had a free ride and my dreams were actually within reach…well that was a different story. I could tell Elliott was worried. But we tried to carry on like normal…we went to the fall festival together, our yearly tradition. That year didn’t feel as fun to me anymore. I think he could tell because he tried so hard to make sure I had a good time. He let me win all the games we played and he was extra protective when we went inside the haunted house. And he was constantly touching me and asking me if I was alright. He was almost clingy…and every now and then I’d catch him gazing at me with such a heart-breaking look on his face. I hate to admit it but I was annoyed by it. It all came down to one thing…he didn’t want me to go. But I knew he wouldn’t try to stop me either.


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