WW 22

During Thanksgiving break Elliott took me out dancing. He seemed very distracted that night and I noticed that he kept looking off to the other side of the room. He told me he’d be right back but I followed him. To my surprise it was his ex, Jessica…who he apparently couldn’t keep his eyes off of. They stood over there whispering and giggling and I wanted so badly to go over there and slap the smiles off their faces. Yep…I was the jealous type. But I kept my distance…until she kissed him. I couldn’t believe the balls on that chick! Right in front of me! I wanted to strangle them both. In his defense, yes, he did try to push her away from him after it happened. But I didn’t care at the time. All I could feel was rage. And I felt betrayed. He’s the one that left my side so he could go talk to her. And for what? Poor Elliott tried to explain that it meant nothing and he only loved me. But I didn’t listen…I was blinded by my anger. I told him to shut up. And that I had already made up my mind. It was over between us…


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