WW 23

In the weeks that followed our breakup…I was a mess. Lauren wouldn’t hear me out and let me explain to her. I never would’ve tried to purposely hurt her. I went to her house and I called her several times a day. She ignored me at school and would walk away if she saw me coming towards her. I was devastated. If only I had just ignored Jessica that night…I saw her beckoning for me to come over there to her and curiosity got the best of me. I thought we were friends but she obviously had other plans. When she pressed her dry and chapped lips against mine…I was shocked and disgusted. But it was too late. The damage had been done. And I’d known Lauren for a long time…I knew better than anyone that she was the unforgiving type. I gave up. And to help ease my heartbreak, I started drinking and became a regular at Paddy’s Irish Pub. I’m sure the bartender knew I was underage but he kept the drinks coming anyways and I was thankful for it. I didn’t want to think. Night after night, I’d stumble home and sprawl out across my bed. But when morning came, I’d find myself next to the ocean. And each time it happened…I would wake up closer and closer to the water’s edge. It was almost as if something was pulling me towards it while I slept…


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