WW 24

It was a cold winter that year. I spent most of it moping around the house. Everything was frozen and dead outside…exactly how I felt. Chris and Haylie tried to keep me company but I wasn’t a whole lot of fun to be around. Then Haylie told me she had an idea if I’d go along with it…I wasn’t surprised when we ended up at a salon and she had me sitting in a styling chair. Haylie was taking cosmetology classes and she liked to experiment on anyone she could. Every time I heard the scissors snip at my hair, I cringed inside…my hair has always been my favorite thing about myself. Other girls envied it and guys loved to touch it. When she finished and I finally got a chance to look at myself in the mirror…I was shocked. The short bob she gave me wasn’t what I had in mind at all…it was so different. I no longer looked like me. While I stood there studying myself, I realized that maybe this what I needed. I told Haylie I loved it and that I’d recommend her to all my other friends. I was starting to feel a little less sad and a whole lot more hopeful about the future. New look, new me…new beginning.


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