WW 25

I dreamed about her. She was bewitchingly beautiful despite her fangs and long claws. I was terrified when I saw her as a child but this time I felt strangely calm. She told me that her name was Nerissa and that she’d been watching me all my life. She took my hand and explained that she was an outcast of her kind and that living for an eternity by herself was terribly lonely. She told me that she was the same as me. An unloved creature that no one else wanted. Then she gave me a choice…I could stay there with her forever or I could go home and die an old man. She was offering me immortality. Even though I was baffled by this whole situation, I hesitated and contemplated it for just a second. Then I thought of Lauren and how hard it was living without her for the last few weeks…there was no way I could go on for centuries without her. I quickly said no and demanded that she send me back home. Nerissa grew angry. She told me that I’d regret my decision then she started mumbling really strange words while sparks were flying out of her hands. I threw my hands up to block my face as she threw those glowing sparks at me, but before the spell actually hit me…I woke up. Safe in my own room,in my warm bed. I was scared. What if it was more than just a dream?


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