WW 26

After I got my makeover, I decided I wasn’t going to mope around the house anymore….it was time to go out and have fun. I started hanging out with my ex boyfriend Will again. We had remained good friends after breaking up. It started out casual…just catching a movie together or going bowling with a group of friends. But then we spent a day together right before Christmas break, it was just the two of us. We played in the snow and went ice skating…all normal, friendly things. But on the walk home, he stopped me and said he had something to confess. He told me was still in love with me and that he was glad that I broke up with Elliott…because he was hoping I’d give him another chance. Well that made things a little awkward. I had no idea he’d been in love with me before and I wasn’t quite ready to jump into another relationship so quickly. But then I figured why the hell not…at least I’d have a date for the Winter Formal. So I said yes. And just like that, I pushed any feelings I had for Elliott to the back of my mind.


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