WW 28

I was humiliated. I didn’t see who started the fight but I should’ve tried to stop it. I just stood there and watched in horror. A tiny part of me was sincerely hoping that Elliott didn’t get hurt. But instead it was Will who needed help off the floor. I asked if he was okay and I apologized over and over until he reassured me that it wasn’t my fault. But I still felt guilty. Everyone was looking at me like I had ruined the dance. I walked over to Elliott and asked him why he couldn’t just stay out of my life. I felt bad as soon as I said it…the look he gave me pulled at my heartstrings. But he didn’t get to respond because Jessica was there yelling in my face. She said that Will started the fight by calling Elliott a loser. I heard what she was saying but I didn’t like how she was talking to me…I told her that she needed to back up and get out of my face. She told me to make her. Then that little twit had the nerve to slap me. So just like Elliott had done about 5 minutes before…I tackled her to the ground. My brother had to drag me away from her but not before I gave her one last kick in the ass. Two fights in one night…think it was probably a record for our school. A few teachers approached us and told us we needed to leave the premises before the cops were called. And that’s how we all got kicked out of the Winter Formal.


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