WW 31

I was underwater…but I could breathe. I looked around and took in my surroundings. I could see everything so clearly, the ocean floor, the sea life, the rock formations, sea weed. It was all so vivid and not at all how I imagined it would be. Then I began to wonder how I was breathing…I looked down and realized I had a tail. A tail?! I was in shock! I swam around for a bit, taking it all in…basking in the love I felt for the ocean around me. Then I came face to face with Nerissa. It finally dawned on me that I must be dreaming again. She told me that we belonged together and that one day the ocean was going to take back what it was owed. Whatever the hell that meant. I knew one thing for sure, I was really starting to get sick of all these women telling me that we belonged together…like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I swam away from her as fast as I could…and she followed me. Further and further we swam and just as I was about to reach the surface….I woke up. Somehow I had managed to sleepwalk my way to the docks and passed out there. I could’ve been seriously injured or dead if I had sleepwalked somewhere else…I’d been lucky so far.


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