WW 37

It was hard to concentrate in school after we were engaged. We’d gaze at each other in class and daydream, hoping the time would pass quickly so we could be alone together. Our teacher became frustrated with us and threatened to separate us if we couldn’t pay attention. So right before spring break, we started cutting class…and making out in the hall by our lockers. And we got away with it for a few days…but like all good things, that came to an end when our teacher found us and sent us straight to the principal. The principal was not amused. Apparently our grades were suffering from missing important tests. She told us that if we were caught skipping class again, we’d be suspended. And that it would look bad on our school records…I could even lose my scholarship. It took a minute for that to sink in. College had been the last thing on my mind lately. And to make things even worse, she called our parents and told them everything. Awkward. My parents had invited Elliott and his mom over for Easter dinner the week before…


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