WW 38

My mom made an excellent dinner for Easter that year and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Luckily, neither of us had gotten in trouble over the phone call from the principal but we were warned that if it happened again, we’d be grounded from seeing each other. Understandable, right? So we ate and made small talk…it was all very pleasant. But things took an awkward turn when my brother’s girlfriend asked me about our wedding plans. Oops…we hadn’t told our parents yet. It was explosive…everyone started arguing with each other. Elliott’s mom was telling him that he was too young and my parents were telling me that I had college and a career to think of first. My dad said he was going to forbid me from seeing Elliott. But my mom stopped him and said that would just make me run away from home. Frustrated, my parents turned on Elliott’s mom…as if they thought she was the blame for everything. I ran from the room crying and Elliott followed. He wrapped his arms around me and told me not to cry because even though everything was a mess right now, we’d be okay in the end. I hoped he was right…


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