WW 39

Even though our parents didn’t quite forbid us from seeing each other, they still didn’t like it. But that didn’t slow us down any. We continued spending every waking moment together without a care in the world. Lauren was still going off to college that fall just like her parents wanted her to. I was finally warming up to it…I believed that we could handle it and that we were strong enough to do the long distance thing. We agreed that we’d write letters to each other and I’d come visit her on the weekends. I started counting down the days til she left. Then those days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months. The snow melted and the air outside grew warm. We started spending a lot of time at the beach. And I was even able to convince her to get into my boat again. While we were sailing, we made plans for senior prom…and our future. I told her I was going to build her a house while she was gone. She didn’t believe me. We talked about our dream jobs. And about having kids and pets. Some stuff we agreed on, some we didn’t. We were so ready for graduation and everything that came after it. We knew it would be bittersweet though. Time was flying and that was something we didn’t have enough of…there was never enough time.


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