WW 42

Yeah, I got in trouble when I finally drug myself home from the motel. My parents were more worried than angry. My mom told me that she hoped it was worth it because I was going to be grounded until I graduated…which was a little less than a month away. But yeah…it was definitely worth it. I think she wanted to give me “the talk”…ya know, the one about the birds and the bees? But it was a little too late for all that lol. My dad was a little less understanding. He told me that there were going to be some changes or they’d never let me out the house again. He told me my curfew was now 8pm and that Elliott wasn’t allowed at our house anymore. I’d just have to see him at school. Big deal…I would be gone in about 3 months anyways…then I could do whatever I wanted. But I just zoned him out while he talked and nodded my head in agreement. Then I said I was sorry and I promised that it wouldn’t happen again. I lied…


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