WW 44

I was sound asleep until I heard tapping noises coming from my window. I got out of bed and looked out and was surprised to see Elliott there staring back at me. He smiled and motioned for me to let him in. I nodded and held my finger up to my lips…we had to be extremely quiet or my parents would kill us. I slid the window up and he scrambled in and landed on the floor below the window with a soft thump. I held my hand out and pulled him to his feet while I tried not to giggle. He wrapped his arms around me and told me that he missed me. I did laugh at that…I told him that he just saw me a few hours ago at school. He said yeah but it felt like it’d been an eternity. I laughed again and then I told him that I was really sleepy. We laid on my bed together and he told me he just wanted to hold me for a while. He promised he’d be gone before dawn and not to worry about us getting caught. He kissed me on the forehead and told me to close my eyes and sleep. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat until I drifted off…


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